The Rainbow Project

The Rainbow Project is trying to fight for marriage equality for the citizens of the United States. Marriage equality is an active problem with citizens and their states. Our hopes are to fight for equality to ensure happiness among all of our country’s people. Inequality has pulled our country apart, pinning the non-supporters against the supporters. This country has developed into one that is accepting of change, and encourages its citizens to stand up for their beliefs. Our organization finds it important to live up to the American dream. A dream not only for material prosperity, but also equality. It is important for you to join to pass this to future generations in hopes that they will too, someday fight for our happiness.

    There are many methods The Rainbow Project is trying to use in order to reach our goal of marriage equality. We are going to start by targeting college and high school kids. This is because the younger generations are more accepting of gay marriage. Its the older generations that still have a problem with marriage equality because of what was valued when they were younger. During their childhood, no one dared to talk of gay marriage. Our group is going to target the younger generations through social media. We hope to inspire action by creating pages on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter to help spread the word of The Rainbow Project. On these pages we hope to post testimonies of gay couples to help spread public awareness. We hope in return to gain sympathy, therefore the support we need from younger generations. Sympathy is an effective way to gain supporters. This could be seen through the ASPCA who released a sad commercial of wounded animals. It touched the hearts of many, and propelled them to donate to this organization. After watching the technique, we hope to do the same through our social media sites. Small videos and stories of the struggles gay couples are facing would help gain sympathy from supporters. Therefore, they will donate more money to our organization. We will accept donations by text or online. There will be a setup after every video and testimony. Due to the nature of the younger generations, this will be a more effective way of gaining donations in this evolving society.

Our group also hopes to use the indirect methods of writing articles and opinion pieces on marriage equality to help persuade non-supporters. We hope that by sending out these letters to legislators and posting them online will help persuade the minds of those who aren’t accepting of marriage equality. By constantly sending articles and opinion pieces it will keep legislators constantly thinking about marriage equality unconsciously. Hearing about something over and over again can open the mind to acceptance and possibilities. This tactic was successful with ALEC. ALEC was a group that was fighting for . They sent letters to all of the members of the Missouri House as a way of warning legislators that they are gaining followers (PR Watch 4). We hope by doing this same method that we can pressure legislators.

    The name of the PAC we are using to influence legislation is the American Unity PAC. The American Unity Pac is a group of Republican voters who are committed to equal rights and support marriage equality (Unite America 1). This group has had a successful method of gaining support of republican politicians that are running to help increase the number of republican supporters in government (Unite America 1). We hope to do the same by paying politicians to support marriage equality in return for promoting them through our social media sites. The Rainbow Project wishes to spend no more than half a million dollars in order to gain support from politicians. The politicians we are targeting are Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in Florida, Representative Richard Hanna in New York, Senator Susan Collins in Maine, Illinois Representative Robert Dold, running in a North Shore district against Democratic Representative Brad Schneider (Unite America 2). We are targeting representative and senators because marriage equality is a state issue. To achieve our goal of marriage equality in the U.S. we have to gain support from representatives all over the country. By using this PAC, it will show legislators that marriage equality is not a one party wish. It is becoming a more popular issue.

    In final analysis, The Rainbow Project hopes to fight for marriage equality in as many states as possible. Starting by targeting younger generations, our organization expects to receive many donations that will help sway legislation. By constantly sending letters and persuasive pieces, it will open minds of legislators into being more comfortable with marriage equality. Through the American Unity PAC we can sway the minds of legislators by convincing them that this is becoming a more popular issue throughout the states. It is no longer a one party problem. The Rainbow Project hopes to achieve this goal, and leave all couples in America happy.

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